Forever Jewelry with Brave Daughters

Join us on Sunday, October 24th for a Forever Jewelry Pop Up with Brave Daughters. You select 14kt gold that is welded closed around your body as a bracelet, necklace, or anklet (and sometimes ring!). People often bring a bestie and purchase Forever Jewelry as a token of remembrance, to celebrate a milestone, commemorate an achievement, or as a symbol of an unbreakable bond.  



Vintage Jeans - WE DO IT!

We carry vintage Levi's 501's, 505's, 517, and 550's. We also carry vintage Lee and Wrangler. We do our damnest to stock our denim waist sizes 24 to 36, and to carry silhouettes based on differet body types, Unfortunately we don't list every single pair of jeans we have online because frankly, it really is best to try them on. Check out our denim fit guide on how to shop for vintage denim with us or beyond.


From the Journal

Dropping Drop Culture

Dropping Drop Culture

Shopping for clothing should not be stressful. Yet, when companies use drop culture marketing tactics as a way to drum up interest and excitement a...

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