Hellooo, Conscious Consumers! 

Our annual no frills, all fun Clothing Swap & Repair Day is a down-and-dirty event meant to extend the life cycle of your duds that are no longer serving you. We bring on local seamstresses and artisans for on-site clothing repairs and customizations and work to support our friends at On The Rise Cambridge. 

Less than 30% of second-hand donations are actually resold in thrift stores -- the rest gets shipped overseas or incinerated leading to more carbon emissions and an INSANE amount of waste. 

We want to keep garments in circulation longer, slow down the fast-paced trend cycle, and mitigate textile waste -- all while spreading the community love. 

Swappers sharing their favorite finds from our annual swap

Our event happens every Spring near the end of March or April! If you want to the first to know about the next event sign up below.