We Thieves is a woman owned and operated creative and conscious fashion and lifestyle boutique located in the eclectic and small business haven of Inman Square in Cambridge, MA.

Our store is a destination of progressives and creatives seeking one-of-a-kind pieces for their curated and conscious lifestyle and cares deeply about their purchase decisions.

How did it come to be?

Owner and curator Sandra Rossi

After 25 years in the fashion industry, I learned that nothing is “new”. Artists, designers, and musicians use the past to help create their art. In the fashion industry, archives are mined, picked through, and iterated as today’s shiny new trends—produced and consumed at unsustainable rates. Hence the name WE THIEVES - we are literally, "stealing from the past".

My collection began as design research. It was a culmination of silhouettes, design details, textile research, and prints. I realized that many creatives in the fashion and music industry preferred the original pieces over the shiny and new. Hell...so did I. So I simply decided to get after it. 

With each purchase from our store you are also "stealing for the greater good" by extending the life of garments, cultivating a circular economy, supporting the work of independent artisans, AND voting with your dollar to shop small and local. 

Expect to find a solid collection of vintage pieces that have been carefully hand-selected for quality, wearability, and collectibility alongside emerging forward-thinking brands and designers whose values and aesthetic merge with ours seamlessly.

Our aesthetic - our look? It's our customer. They are forward thinking, creative, and explorative. They embody both feminine and masculine, sun and moon, minimalist and maximalist. They care deeply about what they bring into their life and don't want what everyone has.