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Hammered Brass Hair Pins


A simple twist on the original "pencil in the bun", these hammered brass hair pins will keep your locks tame and your style on point. Forged from raw brass, the hammered texture & curved shape ensures a proper hold. 

Small ~ 4.5" long

Large ~ 6" long

*top photo, model is wearing a size large

*bottom photo, model is wearing a size small

Handmade in Austin, TX

Works incredibly well with the help of Spirit and Salt Spray



Pull hair back and twist into a bun. Insert pin at the

base of the bun, catching the tail of your hair and gently

push towards your scalp. Once the pin touches your scalp,

bring the hair pin up, push through the center of the

bun and back down through the base of the bun on the

opposite side.


They work beautifully!

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