Styling Through the Seasons: Transitions

Transition seasons or Shoulder seasons provide a great opportunity for creativity in leveraging our wardrobe to go the distance. So, we’re taking a note from the Danes and embracing the art of layering to show you how to get through the transition from winter to spring and summer to winter. 

Transition seasons are challenging to dress for in New England- In March Spring seems like it’s around the corner but so does the possibility of a Nor’easter and in Fall we find ourselves clinging onto summer dresses but we know we won't be warm enough when the sun dips. This is typically the point in the season where our outfit staples start to feel tired and we’ll stare longingly at the upcoming season clothes peeking out from the back of our closets. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Getting creative with layering during the transition months can make just about anything in your closet seasonally appropriate. Layering is a necessity in Denmark due to the unpredictable weather, and Danish street style is a lesson in how to make practical dressing fun. The recipe? Start with some quality staples, use pieces to create new silhouettes, get playful with patterns, and stay true to your style. 

Layering’s ability to give new life to your wardrobe is a great way to be a more conscious consumer. That lovely dress you wear just a couple times a year is about to get put to work. Forget the idea of having a summer and winter wardrobe—get creative and wear warm-weather pieces throughout the year.

Now, down to business: we used a black knit turtleneck to style Pan in four different looks, plus our take on styling a statement jacket for the spring. Happy layering!

Don’t Trip (Wear a Slip)

Combining a fitted turtleneck with a slip dress is a tried-and-true way to layer. Instead of heels, dress it down with sneakers for a classic Danish look. You can also take it a step further by adding a slouchy sweater for extra warmth. Hey look, now it’s a slip skirt.    

Elementary School Art Teacher Goes Grunge  

We gave this bright 1960s dress a bit of an edge simply by adding the turtleneck. Paired with boots for some structure, it’s an easy way to incorporate color into your cold-weather fits. If black is your idea of color year-round: we see you, we hear you, we are you, but nobody likes to be too predictable, right? 

Urban Cowgirl

We love this combo because it plays off the hints of dark green from this Southwestern inspired skirt to make it feel very season-appropriate. And keeping the blazer and turtleneck muted lets it shine a statement piece. Bolo tie optional, but highly recommended. 

Not Your Summer’s Linens

Just in case the no-white-past-labor-day trope is still out there, say it with us: There. Are. No. Rules. In. Fashion. For this look, we went all in and paired white linen trousers and a lightweight white blouse with the black turtleneck and chunky boots. To accessorize, we added a Kangol hat for a pop of color and the vintage tapestry bag to play off the warmth of the hat. It sounds so wrong but this outfit feels so right. 


Trench Up/Suit Down

Putting together a layered look should include your jacket, too. Here, we put a vintage mustard trench over an 80s lightweight pant suit. The brightness of the jacket combined with the ice-dyed t-shirt gives the suit a casual feel. Add some chunky gold chains, and you are now the coolest (and most well-layered) cat in the room.


Model: Pandora / @trashquean 
Stylist: Sophie / @_snotty__
Photographer: Emma / @emglindberg

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