Stetson Markham Crushable Pinch Front Wool Fedora - Black


1 piece in stock.

This Stetson Crushable Markham hat is made of 100% soft felt wool with a 2.5"downturn brim and 4.25" center dent crown. 

Classic lines and a sophisticated style give this hat a more elegant look than most packable hats. The finishing touches on this classic-looking hat is a matching black band and Stetson silver pin. Easily goes from casual daytime to evening with ease. 

Measurements and details: 

  • Front Brim Size2.75"
  • Side Brim Size2.75"
  • Material 100% Wool Felt
  • Brand Stetson
  • Item Weight 1.0 lb

Due to the box size of this item it's weight is sku'd (as shipping costs are higher for larger boxes)

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