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Premium Sea Wool Bath Sponge 5-6”


14 pieces in stock

Sandra, our store owner, grew up near the Sea Sponge capital of the US, Tarpon Springs, Florida. As a result, she's been using sea sponges her whole life and swears by them. 

Why we love them: 

  • They are reusable, environmentally safe, economical, a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable.
  • They are antibacterial so never get "yucky".
  • Use dry as a loofah and once wet get super-soft providing the perfect amount of "exfoliation" leaving your skin ready for post-bath moisture.
  • Ideal for bathing babies, toddlers, and the whole family.
  • They make your favorite bar soap lather like a dream and help it last much longer!
  • They truly do add beauty to the bathroom!

Care Instructions: Rinse with clean water after each use, gently squeeze dry, and air dry. Don't ever wring it out. Heavily soiled natural sponges can also be washed in the machine up to a maximum of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or disinfected with 70% medicinal alcohol. Natural sponges are not machine washable in hot water.

This item is final sale. Please email us at orders@wethieves.com with any further questions before ordering!

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