Poppy And Someday

Gypsy Rose Toner and Face Mist


Back in stock by demand!!!

There are rose toners and then there are rose toners! Poppy and Someday is one of our favorites because it replenises, restores, and renews your skin with an urgency and it's ingredients provide a scent worthy of swirling in.

The sweet floral scent in Gypsy Rose Toner helps to soothe sensitive and irritated skin conditions. Rose's nourishing effect is cooling and anti-inflammatory helping to calm and tonify blood vessels. Infused with rose quartz increasing love and compassion.

Spray on face after cleansing or whenever you need a slight pick me up - also good for post skin waxing, tweezing, ski, surf, sun, wind, or exposure that has left you a little chaffed, raw or dry.

Available in 3.8 and 2 oz.

INGREDIENTS:  Rose Otto and Palmarosa Essential Oil, Rose Hydrosol, Evening Primrose Oil, Witch Hazel Extract Rose Quartz Crystal and Alkaline Water. 4 oz Frosted Glass Bottle. Organic/ Handmade. 



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