Chamula Merino Wool Double Cuff Beanie

$34.95 $68

Soft, luxurious, warm and made by hand in Mexico. 

Why we love Chamula: socially good, made by artisans and one of a kind. Hand knit. 

This beanie is versatile and allows you to wear it three ways: Super long and slighly droopy, a single cuff for a little height, or double cuff for close to head.

The merino wool for Chamula is hand dyed in small batches. As a result, there will be some variation due to the different dye batches. All steps of the knit production process are done by hand, leaving every beanie with beautiful imperfections only found in true artisan work. 

Dry Clean or Handwash
Shadow Dry / Lay Flat to Dry/ No Dryer

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