African Mudcloth In Light and Medium Indigo Dye

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Why we love it: Mudcloth features the perfect imperfection of true artisan work. Every piece is unique and no two are ever the same. These items can be used as table runners or as scarves and serve as the ideal travel companions year around (not too hot and can be worn over shoulders, necks, or around the waist as a sarong).

We find deep inspiration in global cultures and traditions and what they bring to our fashion and lifestyle landscape. Each Scarf is unique and comes in light to darker washes.

Note: Items photographed simply represent the color tones - due to their nature each one will be slightly different. Mudcloth hails from northern Africa, specifically the inland country of Mali in the Western Sahara region.

The term “mudcloth” is loosely translated from Bambara, the language spoken in Mali. “Bògòlanfini” as it is called in Bambara, combines three root words: “bogo” meaning earth or mud, “lan” meaning ‘with’, and “fini” meaning cloth. The handmade Malian cloth dyed using fermented mud, giving it its name-sake. The tradition dates back to the 12th century.