Warehouse XI

attendees at the clothing swap

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What: A down-and-dirty, community-focused clothing swap and fundraiser for your gently used clothes and accessories.

When: Sunday, Oct 23, 2022 11-4pm

Where: Warehouse XI, 11 Sanborn Ct, Somerville, MA 02143

Cost: Pay what you can sliding scale donation based event! a $5 minimum is welcome - Venmo preferred if paying on-site.

This season we are fundraising for the local mutual aid group Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund  to help those living in and traveling into Eastern Massachusetts access abortion.  


Nitty Gritty

Bring up to 15 items, including gently used, clean clothing and accessories you are no longer wearing, that don’t fit, or you realized you never should have bought to swap with our community for things you do want. Clothing for all genders and sizes, especially gender-neutral pieces, are highly encouraged. And bring your Halloween costumes! 

What's swappable: 

  • Clothing that is in good condition and wearable. MUST BE clean, no smells, holes, or irreparable damage. 
  • Halloween will be right around the corner — bring your old Halloween costumes! 
  • Accessories: Handbags, hats,  bags, belts, shoes  and jewelry (in good, clean condition)
  • HANGERS help clothes swap better! Clothing that requires hanging (dresses, coats) MUST BE ON (any kind of) HANGERS - this helps them display and swap better.  It will be difficult to keep track of whose is whose, so feel comfortable donating the hangers you provide or swap hangers with those that are empty. 
  • You can take your hangers home with you once swap is done or if hangers become available during the swap.
    NO: Underwear, heavily worn shoes, dirty or irreparably damaged clothes
  • BYOB - Bring your own bags!!!!


    • Start creating your stash of swappables (we've been prepping ours hard for the past month)
    • Share this event with your friends and neighbors because radical change takes a village.

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  • CAN I VOLUNTEER TO HELP? YES - Sign up for a volunteer shift :)
  • Is this a vintage event? Nope! This is all about our community and permeates into one of our core values of conscious consumerism. If you have vintage items that you think we might be interested in buying, please reach out to

  • What happens to leftover clothing? After the swap is over, we are committed to donating and recycling all leftover items to On the Rise and Cambridge Clothing and Textiles Recycling.

  • Photo from The Harvard Crimson