Tarot with Shira - First Mondays of Every Month 5-7pm

30 and 60 minute reading timeslots available

What to expect:  

30 minute - A 3 - 8 card reading - $45.00
Come with a question or arrive open for guidance. Leave with just enough information to better inform what you might already know and to take the next step into your journey.

60 minute - 5 - 15 Card  Reading - $98.00
Come with a question or arrive open for guidance. Extended sessions allow us to gain more clarity around specific parts of life and look deeper into what comes up. 60-minute sessions are a great choice if you want to take your time, dig deep and boldly embrace messages from the deck.

These readings will help you:

  • Tap into your awareness with a bolt of cosmic clarity and help you get an aerial view of your current reality and perhaps a tough-love forecast of what's to come.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence, intuition, and tap into a higher vibration of consciousness. 

Tarot readings serve as a means to tap into our inner guidance by serving up natural energetic forces (the cards) that reside within our universe that we often need to pay attention to as we navigate next steps. Staying present, open, and learning to use these emotional energies as guides we can elevate our level of consciousness and remove the veils of consciousness including self doubt, illusion, and overwhelm. 

Your Tarot session will be an empowering experience because the cards offer spirit guided vision on a heart and soul level. Shira channels the readings with Spirit, and with Spirit, our freedom always enhances.

Times 5-7pm. If you are interested in scheduling a reading please schedule an appointment first and then pay for your time allotment.


$45 = 30  minutes  BUY NOW
$98 = 60 minutes   BUY NOW

Due to the limited spaces we have for this event and to be sensitive to Shira's time commitment, we ask that you pay for your reading in advance. We hold a 24-hour cancellation policy where your money can be refunded. No Refunds for no-shows. 

*Shira Brenner does not tell fortunes nor is a replacement to a licensed psychologist or therapist.
 Cancellation Policy
 24 hour cancellation policy.