Below are links to resources to help you develop a more sustainable approach to fashion. 

We apply Four R's truly make the biggest impact.

  1. REDUCE - Be clear on your needs and ensure you are filling a void or replacing something that helps you in your day to day.
  2. REUSE - Assess what you currently have with intention. If you need to buy something, see if you can go second hand or vintage. For each purchase of buying anything second hand you reduce the carbon footprint of apparel by 24%. 
  3. REPAIR - Before tossing, assess if it can be repaired. Mending buttons, on seam rips, and holes can often be mended with ease. Research your local tailor and get to to know them. You support your community and support jobs by keeping menders and cobblers working!
  4. RECYCLE - No need to discard garments in the trash. Donate to your local thrift sore or reach out to a vintage store for items you think you can get some money for. Check our buying page for details.

Tailoring Resources we love:

  • Union Square Tailors
  • Homme Repair