Reopening + COVID Updates

As we move into this next phase, we will be taking it slow. Our current resources are still strained due to the pandemic, so we’ll be adapting to the demands our store needs. We want the ability to be nimble and responsive! Thank you in advance for your patience as we launch and learn. 
New Store Hours (as of July 15th
Tuesday, 12-4 pm (curbside pick up or door shopping only - bodega style)
Thursday - Saturday, 12-6 pm*
    *By appointment [details below]
    Friday - Saturday, 11-12pm

      Rules of Engagement

      Our store is 382 square feet - that means we will be staying behind the register and behind our partition / sneeze guard. We do this to create space for you. We are always happy to come out and help should you need, but our goal is to give you the ample space you need. 

      • Masks are required.
      • Sanitize your hands upon entry (or if you would prefer gloves we can provide)
      • Only two customers in the store at once - can be from the same household or different. 
      • No sampling of makeup products - but we can show you all textures and provide smelling sticks.
      • Ask for help finding clothes in your size and we can do all the pulling for you to mitigate you touching things.
      • Try on only what you know will fit or almost fit and or let us assess. Avoid trying on anything that you know won't fit.
      • All clothing tried on will be quarantined and steam cleaned before putting back on the racks.
      • All jewelry will come with an acohol prep pad both for instore and online purchases.
      • Contactless payments / No Cash - we take Venmo, ApplePay and Chipcards.
      • Our credit card machine will be santized after every swipe / touch transaction.

      We have two types of by appointment shopping, store browsing and personal pull appointments. 

      Store Browsing Sesh
      15-30 minutes long, sign up here
      No deposit required

      Personal Pull
      [Friday + Saturday, 11-12PM]
      15-30 minutes long, sign up here
      No deposit required
      customized pull from our vintage wardrobe to suit you. Simply fill out your personal details and set up an appointment. We’ll do the rest.