WEBINAR 1 - SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 11-12ish


Are you curious about what goes into the cost of your clothes when you buy new? Why are some garments ridiculously expensive and other ridiculously cheap? How can you become more empowered to know what to look for and invest in when you buy new or even when you thrift? 

Join me, twenty year apparel product veteran Sandra Rossi, owner and founder of We Thieves, in this interactive workshop where we will break down all the “things” that go into the cost of your clothes.

I will break down the entire apparel creation process and together we will be referencing and picking apart vintage garments, contemporary brands, and fast fashion garments to see and understand what companies do to cut corners and costs (usually at our expense). 

If you are at home it's also a good time to bring some of your best made and worst made garments for reference. 

To attend the webinar we are asking for a simple donation (you decide) to help us offset our store closure as best as we can. Once we recieve the donation on Venmo you will recieve a link to the ZOOM meeting.

Venmo: @We-Thieves Shop 

Please specify the day you want to attend -  so we can send you the links to the proper meetings.

This webinar will take place Sunday 3/30/2020 at 11am and again Wednesday 4/1/2020 at 7pm.

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