Are you in need of simple repairs and alterations on your garments? Not sure where to turn? Need some expert advice? We are hosting our third Repair Day pop up and we are doing things a bit differently due to Covid

On Sunday, March 7, 2021, We Thieves will be hosting seamstress slash upcycler extraordinaire Jessamy Kilcollins for simple repairs, mending, and alterations and consultations with Sandra, our owner. This includes:

  • patching or darning jeans
  • Remove shoulder pads
  • restitching seams
  • relining jackets
  • replacing zippers
  • hemming pants & skirts. 

In honor of Jessamy's time and effort of coming to our store she is asking that $10 deposits are made in advance of your appointment - this deposit will be applied to your total.



OPTION 1:  One on One Appointments with Jessamy
To speak with Jessamy directly, schedule a 15 minute consultation her between 10am – 12pm. Book your appointment directly through her at and make your deposit to her via Paypal or Venmo. 
    1. A $10 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the appointment, which will be applied to the total repair cost. 
    2. Deposits can be made directly to Jessamy via Paypal or Venmo. You will then receive a confirmation email for your time slot.
    3. to keep it COVID-safe, Jessamy cannot accept more complex tailoring or alterations that require fittings.
Please note that We Thieves is not booking Jessamy's appointments - she is handling them directly along with payments. 


OPTION 2: WALK IN w/ Sandra
 We Thieves owner and apparel expert Sandra 12-4pm

Drop off your garments between 12pm – 4pm, with Sandra where she will consult and make note of what you need repaired and communicate with Jessamy. A $10 deposit will still be required and will be applied to your total repair costs


Jessamy will contact you directly with any additional questions regarding your repair and any remaining balance due prior to return on 3/21/2021. 

 Please allow two weeks for your repairs to be completed. Your repaired clothing will be available for pickup at We Thieves on 3/21.

Jessamy will be the direct point of contact regarding your garments - We Thieves is simply holding space and location. 

Here is a price list of her repair costs not including customization or complex repairs.


  • machine darn holes w/ patch underneath - $10+
  • sew on patch - $7
  • shorten w orig hem, unfinished - $15, finished - $40
  • take in waist at back seam - $35
  • taper - $20-$30
  •   hem - $15
  •   take in/let out - $25
  •   taper - $18


  •   hem - $20
  •   take in/let out - $25
  •   zipper - $20

  lined pants or skirt - add $10


  •   replace lining (non-leather) - $125+
  •   replace zipper - $50
  •   replace pocket bag - $18 each
  •   remove shoulder pads - $15

suit jacket/blazer
  shorten/lengthen sleeves - $30
restitch seams - $5+

Jessamy's Venmo and Paypal details are here: