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— Anonymous

The Idea

We Thieves derived from the concept that as consumers we are takers. There is no such thing as sustainable producing of anything, unless it's full cradle to cradle work.  True sustainability means no resources needed to create products will be exhausted—ever. 

We have to take to create.

The name is also a play on the negative connotation associated with thievery, meaning instead of being negative, We Thieves is about doing good. Kind of like Robin Hood—it's just that we are stealing from the past in order to recreate the future with style, creativity, and consciousness.

Carefully Selected

I scour, pluck and select apparel, accessories, and home decor that are from an era when craft and quality were king and speed and quantity were not.

Key signs of integrity include fabric/textile quality, construction methods, and the quality of "trim" (zippers, buttons, and notions) used on the garments. 



  • Era and condition
  • Quality of construction and source of origin (country of make)
  • How it feels, in your hand or on your body
  • Fabrication or textile - with a leaning towards natural fibers 
  • Silhouette/Shape
  • Color and print
  • Wardrobe versatility or home versatility
  • Overall sense of aesthetic or beauty