Stoneware Chillum


13 pieces in stock

Handmade by Artist Whitney Sharp out of Oakland, CA.

Hand rolled and glazed for your pleasure. 

Each is one of a kind and no two are the same. Please note that if ordering online we will not be able to guarantee which one is which. If you'd like to custom pick, please come into our store or contact us via email or through a DM on instagram. Thank you!

Formed by hand, made with intention, dreamt of for many moons. Every ceramic piece is delicately created and finished with uniquely formulated glazes. These glazes produce colors and textures reminiscent of organic materials. The shapes and forms are created from clay and concept, meticulously crafted and lovingly sent to their rightful owners. 

To clean: Simply mix rubbing alcohol with sea salt and use a pipe cleaner. It's a simple way to clean.

This item is final sale. Please email us at with any further questions before ordering!

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