September Dose

As the heat of the summer drags on, I’m looking forward to cooler days and fresh starts. The beginning of any month is a time to reset, and September is no exception. 

Turning the page to September feels celestial; the month brings a bittersweet end to summer and kicks off a season of transitions. Collectively, we’re stepping into new school years (with much uncertainty), new apartments, new activities, and new schedules. As we prepare for the craziness of the next season, take time to reflect and reset. Here’s what we’re dosing at We Thieves as we move into fall . . .

1. Reading & Watching: Worn Stories 

Often, patrons come into the store and turn to their shopping partner to wistfully imagine the lives our vintage garments have lived. What happens when you look at your own closet with that same wonder? Worn Stories, a collection of memoirs by Emily Spivack, chronicles the memories that are held in the garments we wear. Borrow it out from your local library or stream the series on Netflix. 

Looking to keep your favorite story-worthy garments alive? Join us in-store on 9/19 for a repair day a pop-up with High Hand Mending co.

2. Applying: Fat and the Moon Lip and Cheek Stain

Tis' the season for dryer weather but for us, that will *not* mean dryer skin. We're slathering on Fat and The Moon Lip and Cheek Stain to keep our lips luscious with a perfectly colored stain that you can build on. There's a reason it's best seller.

3. Adorning:  Margaret Solow Geo Luxe Necklaces

Treat yourself with a one-of-a-kind statement necklace from Margaret Solow. These luxe gems will revitalize your favorite staple outfits. Plus, we’re obsessed with Margaret’s anti-bling approach to fine jewelry. Her understated approach and commitment to responsible manufacturing practices make you feel good about what you’re adorning. 

4. Burning: Large Lavender and Eucalyptus Bundle

The act of burning in many cultures and religions is done as means of cleansing. It's used as a means to help release the negative and suffering of the past and create space for the new. As we move into new apartments and take on the new challenges that September brings, make space for positivity with our ethically sourced lavender and eucalyptus bundle.  

5. Getting Wise: Drop Culture 

As consumers, we’re constantly inundated with “exclusive” promotions from brands. Something about the phrase “exclusive” or “limited edition” sparks anxiety within us that makes us want to buy, buy now, and buy in bulk. We unpack that urgent need to consume in our latest blog post on drop culture.  

6. Denim: Those Vintage Levi’s You’ve Been Eyeing …  

The first cooler days are upon us! I’m excited to kiss my summer linen dresses goodbye and transition into my wear-all-day denim. Wanting to break into vintage denim but don’t know how? We’ve got you covered. Check out our fit guide for tips on buying Levi’s.  

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