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When industry transparency is minimal and the pressure to keep up with fashion trends is at an all-time high, it can be pretty damn overwhelming for consumers to make sustainable, ethical and conscious decisions when shopping for clothes. Ultimately it's the smallest changes we can make that have the most powerful impact (because they stick). ⁠

Our work this week was to launch our first iteration of a conscious consumer resources page to our website. To offer some clarity, we've launched the first iteration of our conscious consumer resources guide. Below you'll find a list of resources about fashion consumption and the global impact it has on the environment and exploited populations. 

Education creates empowerment, and empowerment helps us make better choices and advocate for change. We live on this earth every day and as consumers, every day is a chance to advocate for it by what we buy or don't buy. We can either be pawns of the corporations and fall prey to marketing—or we make choices based on information we seek out and challenge the systems in play (we prefer this method). While social media is a nice way to show we care, ultimately our actions are what we will be measured on.⁠

We hope this guide can help you and we can continue to help it evolve. ⁠Ultimately consuming less is critical to sustainability. ⁠





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