The Dose / Re-entry / January 2022

Peace out 2021. We survived and thrived in your lessons and now we are letting you go.

In January, I’m holding space for the last 365 days and pacing myself as we launch into the new year.

Here are my musings from the back of the house and a mood board to boot.  Note, the numbers on this only correlate to the imagery so you can see what goes to what. 

Collage with Images from Our January Dose Post


    1. To watch: Equal parts dark comedy and romantic innocence, Harold and Maude dissolve the line between darkness and light. The film features indelible performances  and a remarkable soundtrack by Cat Stevens. Playing at The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge February 12, 2022  - caution this movie does include recreated scenes of death and suicide, but the story is about the joy of life and living, and no one better to give it the one-two punch then Ruth Gordon.

 2. With Covid still doing a number on so many of our friends and family and so many of us starting new exercise health commitments, I’d be remisss to not mention benefits of Pink Himalayan salt. it packs a punch of electrolytes and trace minerals to combat those pesky cold/flu/COVID ick and is ideal for hydration recovery after spinning your Pelaton to Mars🤣. Snag some from our local friends Christina’s Spice shop

3. It is Capricorn season and I would be remiss to not mention the beautiful cards available by Margin Imprints in the store. Easily frameable or simply as a card -$6  add to any online order. 

4.If you’re yearning for a quick out-of-house day trip check out Deana Lawson’s exhibit at ICA. You must, of course, exit through the gift shop, a guilty pleasure of mine are museum stores! 

Images below from her book found in teh gift shop there (hint hint).

5. Took the kiddo snowboarding over Christmas / New Years break and I was able to hit the slopes - I forget how chaffed my skin gets in the cold along with getting blasted by snow guns! We (my husband, daughter, and I) are plowing through Aloe Lotion by Fat and the Moon. Ideal for face and body, scent-free, and helps combat winter skin and wind-burn (apres-ski) - if you’re seeking something a little heavier hit up All Cream

6. Currently burning Kyoto - this woodsy candle is perfect for this time of year without feeling the remnants of Christmas. 

8.  In the study of Ayurveda, working within the natural ebbs flows, and qualities of the seasons are all part of creating harmony and balance in the body and mind. My yoga teacher for many years, Kate O'Donnell, released an incredible series of books on this wonderful sister science of yoga and her guide to self care is a good one to have on the shelf. You can also study with her online and she has cooking classes! Check out her video on tongue scraping below - and pick up scraper at Cambridge Naturals 


    This month - We’re spreading the self-care love this season with an in-kinds good DONATION DRIVE now through February 13, 2022, for our friends at On The Rise Cambridge - full details here. 


    Wishing everyone soft landings into 2022! 

    See you in the shop and be well,  


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