Digging At The Moment: July 16

This month's round up includes what we are listening to, reading, and appreciating as we move into the heart of summer. 


  1. Adorning: Satomi Studio by Kristina Kada — Kristina Kada starts all her jewelry designs with hand drawings that are transformed into jewelry, with a focus on sterling, brass, and 14k gold fill pieces. Based out of Santa Cruz, C.A. and Bali, she brings a coastal, surfer, and bohemian aesthetic that we and many of our customers adore. [Shop the Driftwood Earrings

  2. Reading: So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo — I just received this book and am diving into it this week. After finishing Ibram X. Kendi's book I am looking forward to learning from a Black female perspective. In following her on Instagram I have learned that she lives in Seattle (I used to live in Portland, OR) and her husband works at KEXP - one of my favorite radio stations or perhaps my favorite radio station in the country. I also completely am in awe of her ability to respond to comments on her insta posts with complete assertiveness (especially responses that have undertones of White fragility).

  3. Listening: colette podcast: #100 The Legend mix — With escape on my mind, I am running back to Paris where I was introduced to the now-closed shop Collette. Collette was super high end in terms of fashion, but I always spent my time on the back wall where I would deep dive into their music collection which inlcuded many of their compilation CD's (my favorite is The Chill of Collette - not found anywhere online but on Discogs). Clement, their resident DJ, was hands down one of my favorite mixologists—he would intertwine house, R&B, blues, and disco music in ways that would leave me inspired and always happy. The entire Colette podcast series is available on Mixcloud (THANK GOD). Featured here is the final mix he did for the store before it closed, and it’s filled with a French disco undertone that I can never get enough of. Enjoy.

  4. Burning: Escapist Candles by Brooklyn Candle Studio — Can't travel? Then escape with a candle. Back in stock is Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Escapist series in Santorini and Santa Fe—our two best sellers. Female-owned and founded, this company’s candles bring layers of evocative scents that transport us to other lands. Lead-free wicks create a super clean burn that will melt down to the very bottom with little ash. These beauties are all handmade and poured in Brooklyn, N.Y.

  5. Watching: Call Me By Your Name — To me, this movie is a summer must-watch. It’s a coming out and coming-of-age movie that takes place during a beautiful Italian summer in the 80s. Timothée Chalamet is incredible and has turned into one of my new favorite actors of a younger generation—gifted, talented, raw, and devastatingly handsome, it’s easy to fall for him over and over again. Be ready with the tissues though when his father delivers one of the most poetic perspectives on love that will leave your face drenched in tears. Vintage fashion revivals in the film include oversized men’s button downs, pleated front men’s shorts, t-shirts, and 7” inseam swim trunks (which can totally be worn by all genders). 


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