Digging At The Moment: August 20


As we're heading into the end of summer, we've got escape on our mind. Here's what we're reading, wearing, and loving at the moment. 

  1. ReadingDear Girls by Ali Wong — In this book of letters to her two young daughters, comedian and actor Ali Wong gets real about motherhood, womanhood, and other things that you probably never want your own mother to tell you about. Wong is effortlessly hilarious in the way that she simply doesn’t give a sh*t about being vulnerable and vulgar and honest, all at the same time. I crushed this book in one day, telling myself, “just one more chapter, one more chapter…” and failing to ever put it down. I’ve never read another memoir-style book where the subject talks so endearingly about what it’s like to have her husband trim her pubes for her while pregnant, and I don’t think I ever will. Wong is a gem and the badass mom/friend/Internet soul sister we all need in our lives. [This pick is from our digital manager, Allie!]  

  2. BurningHinoki Travel Tin — For those of us stuck at home, whether for quarantine reasons or the fact that travel won’t be a reality for quite some time, these scents from Brooklyn Candle Studio do a good job of transporting us to the destinations we’ve been dreaming of. We’ve got a new scent in the shop—Hinoki is a woodsy and refreshing candle that will send you right to the streets of Kyoto—as well as a full restock of your favorite smells. Burn one, close your eyes, and escape for just a little bit.

  3. LovingGypsy Rose Toner and Face Mist — Spritz, spritz, spritz away the summer heat  with this refreshing rose toner that will be your skin’s new best friend. Utlizing the healing qualities of rose this ayurvedic mist replenishes, restores, and renews even the most sensitive skin. Post cleansing, tweezing, tanning, or just to refresh when you are feeling a little summer funk. Tip: Put in the refrigerator for the ultimate refresher. 

  4. Adorning: Brass Hair Pin — This beautiful piece is one of our best sellers by artist Claire Sommers Buck, based out of  Austin, Texas. Forget your hair ties and scrunchies—not only can you use the hair pin to elegantly twist your hair out of your face, but it’s also a statement piece of its own with the shining hammered brass. You won’t want to put your hair up any other way.

  5. WatchingWoodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music — As we close down the summer of COVID and are fueled by an upcoming election rife with unrest, I have been feeling a bit rebellious and yearning for freedom. Basically I want to gather and just get lost with friends. Who else is with me? Seeing that that’s out of the question due to the ‘rona, I’m watching the Director’s Cut of “Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music.” It’s currently rentable for $1.99 on Amazon - figure this might be the best and most affordable festival we can experience without leaving the house— put it on and turn it up.


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