Easing into 2020

January is such an awkward month. It's a month of transition...I mean, after all the rushing around of the holidays it's hard to just start fresh and just kick off a New Year guns blazing. If you are able to do that then BRAVO but I'm still picking up the pieces from Christmas - our tree is down, but the boxes with all the ornaments and decor in them are still in my living room. January at its best.

Walk into any retailer and you'll see the half empty spaces with holiday and seasonal debris awaiting new seasonal goods. It's kind of clunky and messy for a while, but then it comes together again. 

(These natural ebbs and cycles of retail are also metaphors for life.)

And isn't that how it always is?

If there is one thing I've learned -  any creative beginnings or new endeavor has that moment or space of chaos, clutter, and overwhelm - but with effort on our part it begins to come back together.


See, for me, January isn't about starting, it's about clearing. It's a clunky month of just getting back to a baseline so we can begin to do the work needed to manifest any desires or changes for the New Year. 

As We Thieves moves into the New Year we have already begun with some de-cluttering and ritual works for new beginnings, include our Going Going Gone Sale to clear out remaining holiday and winter inventory, welcoming Theresa Citarella back for another Sacred Stones workshop, New Year New Moon, happening on Saturday, January, 25th, and growing our self-care and clean beauty offering.

This year we will also be featuring more events in the store including Meet The Maker events, customization and repair, and empowerment workshops. I have a few other plans in place for the year, but I am in early stages of those now and developing clarity and partnership on those plans sometimes requires a bit more time. 

I highly recommend getting on our mailing list as we will also be sending out monthly newsletters on the first Thursday of every month with the key events coming up.

I hope you utilize the rest of this month to ease into the year and go easy on yourselves. Take time to rest, recuperate, and lots of self-care rituals (including catching up on much needed sleep). 

We look forward to seeing you in the shop and Happy New Year!

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