Black-Owned In Our Community

Here are a couple of our favorite Black makers, entrepreneurs, and brands that We Thieves has been following and supporting. We love them and want to spread the love—make them a part of your community too! 

    • Bobby From Boston [@bobbyfromboston] — Bobby From Boston is a vintage institution in Boston founded by Bobby Garnett—he is the reason there is any vintage culture in Boston (and beyond) at all. After his passing, his daughter Jessica took over the business (so now it’s Black woman owned and operated!). They are our next door neighbors here at Bow Market and have a massive warehouse in Lynn, MA where they have sales on the last Sunday of every month.

        • theBOM [@ourbomdotcom] — We had the privilege of meeting founder Michelle Dalzon when she popped up next to us in 2019. Her goal is “to make sure every Black person has a place to shop within their community FIRST before having to search outside.” theBOM is an online marketplace featuring Black-owned brands across skincare, beauty, cleaning products, and household goods (just to name a few). It's a fantastic place to put your dollar towards Black businesses.

            • Tanám [@tanamofficial] — Located right beneath us at Bow, award-winning Tanám is a worker-owned restaurant that seeks to tell stories you don’t hear elsewhere through the power of food and media. Behind Tanám you'll find a diverse team from the Filipinx, Black, and LGBTQ communities.

                • Brown and Coconut [@brownandcoconut] — Founders and sisters Letisha and Zeena Brown were fueled by their own frustration with popular skin care products, leading to the creation of Brown and Coconut. They seek to heal skin from the inside out, making plant-based formulas that are powerful enough to heal and nourish any skin type, yet gentle enough to maintain the skin’s delicate balance. We Thieves has had the privilege of popping up with these two sisters over the years using their products (shoutout to their oil and skin mask!). Their business has been a labor of love and it’s been incredible to see them flourish.

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