Monet Jewelry Coveted and Collected

This artlcle is reblogged from Collectors Weekly  Michael and Joseph Chernow, the founders of the costume jewelry business we know today as Monet,...

The Holy Wood that is Palo Santo

Palo Santo or Holy Wood is wood from South America often used ceremonially and around the house as a remover of unwanted odors and "bad air". A relative to frankincense, myrrh, and copal its scent is loved by many with hints of citrus, mint, and pine. Use when you move into a new house, outdoors to repel mosquitos, or before meditation.

What the hell is a rag house? And can anyone go to one?

Only 5% of clothing we donate to a certain center makes it through their processing, the rest gets hauled off to a rag house (meaning there are many gems that we don't find at our local thrift store). A rag house is the last stop of the clothing donation train before our piles of garments get shipped overseas to developing countries or turned into rags.
Line Drying Jeans

Make it last: Simple Tips To Extend Garment Life

  "75-80% Of your apparel product lifecycle is impacted by the washer and dryer." Whether you are buying Vintage or contemporary items, know that ...