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Our Product Crushes: June

If there's something you'll want to add to cart, it's our entire summer collection. Use this delicious-smelling Sea Salt Mist to freshen up that low maintenance summer hair.  The world's best multitasker is this mudcloth—wear it as a scarf, hang it up as a curtain, lay it out as a picnic blanket, etc etc.  There's a lot we want to say "f*ck you" to right now, and these earrings really speak for themselves.    We're still obsessing over these pearl pieces Amy Vander Els made exclusively for We Thieves.

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Black-Owned In Our Community

Here are a couple of our favorite Black makers, entrepreneurs, and brands that We Thieves has been following and supporting. We love them and want to spread the love—make them a part of your community too! 

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Easing into 2020

January is such an awkward month. It's a month of transition...I mean, after all the rushing around of the holidays it's hard to just start fresh and just kick off a New Year guns blazing. If you are able to do that then BRAVO but I'm still picking up the pieces from Christmas - our tree is down, but the boxes with all the ornaments and decor in them are still in my living room. January at its best. Walk into any retailer and you'll see the half empty spaces with holiday and seasonal debris awaiting new seasonal goods. It's kind of clunky and messy for a while, but then it comes together again.  (These natural ebbs and cycles of...

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