Stealing from the past, inspiring the future



The Story:

We Thieves is the outcome of my life and history. My father, a first generation Italian born in Brooklyn who became a U.S. Diplomat, met my mother in South America and together they would travel the world through the 50's into the 70's. His distinct sense of Italian and New York style merged with my South American mother's incredible taste in clothing, interiors, and garden design sensibilities left indelible marks on me. As a result I grew up in a quite eclectic, maximalist, and global home (filled with furniture and decor from all over the world) YET I have a penchant for contemporary, minimal and a modern aesthetic. To me, you can't have minimal without maximal.

My tendency to lean into products and design helped to keep me active and feverishly engaged in a twenty-year career in merchandising and marketing for large lifestyle brands and retailers. It was in my career that I would hone the creative, scientific, and business skills that would lead me to now.

Exhausted by the constant creating of NEW, and overwhelmed by the tremendous amounts of "sameness" that was being pumped out and being part of a system that influenced artificial obsolescence, I found myself at a cross roads. It was from here I decided to turn a passion of all things beautiful and well-made into an outlet.

My mission is to inspire and provide beautiful, timeless, and unique style solutions to modern life by merging vintage, global finds, and modern day design contemporaries.

Behind the name:

The name We Thieves is inspired by the fact that most everything we buy or create has been inspired by the past. Revolutionaries in fashion and music often allude to an era, a time, or a mood - We Thieves is simply about stealing from the past (literally) and merging it into the NOW. Additionally, the name is a intended to be a call-to-action, to "steal from the masses" by making conscious purchase decisions for items that will bring not just joy into your world, but shift GDP dollars into a conscious product lifecycle vs. a production driven lifecycle.

What I look for:

I scour, pluck and select apparel, accessories, and home decor that are from an era when craft and quality were king and speed and quantity were not. Key signs of integrity include fabric/textile quality, construction methods, and the quality of "trim" (zippers, buttons, and notions) used on the garments. 

A product, made well, can last many seasons and years if cared for with intention.

My filters include:

  • Era and condition
  • Quality of construction and source of origin (country of make)
  • How it feels, in your hand or on your body
  • Fabrication or textile - with a leaning towards natural fibers 
  • Silhouette/Shape
  • Color and print
  • Wardrobe versatility or home versatility
  • Overall sense of aesthetic or beauty

My process:

  1. Inspect 
  2. Clean/Repair
  3. Finish (steam, press, polish)