The Story:

The name We Thieves is inspired by the fact that most everything we buy or create has been inspired by the past aka: "stealing from the past". Revolutionaries in fashion and music often allude to an era, a time, or a mood and integrate it into their art.  I seek original versions of contemporary pieces with a strong eye for quality, construction, wearability and function to merge into modern life with ease. 

It also represents those of us who have a strong appreciation for history, beauty, and creativity. We Thieves isn't just a "store" but rather a state-of-mind.

About Me:

My name is Sandra and I am the creator of We Thieves. My background stems from nearly 25 years of merchandising and design in the fashion and lifestyle industries, particularly surf, skate, and outdoor. My career was vast and it allowed me to travel the world and immerse myself in culture, trend, and deep knowledge of the apparel industry.

I am also a product of my upbringing in where my father, a US diplomat, and my mother a South American would expose me to an international and culturally rich life. 

As a veteran of the fashion industry, I became exhausted by the constant creation of NEW and overwhelmed by the "sameness" that was being pumped out. I struggled with the reproduction and lack of authenticity of  goods pumped out at a mass level without substance or essence.  I also struggled with being part of a system of artificial obsolescence, because to me - great style is timeless and quality goods matter.  

Thanks for checking us out..and please feel free to reach out with any inquiries or collaborations.


My filters include:

  • Era and condition
  • Quality of construction and source of origin (country of make)
  • How it feels, in your hand or on your body
  • Fabrication or textile - with a leaning towards natural fibers 
  • Silhouette/Shape
  • Color and print
  • Wardrobe versatility or home versatility
  • Overall sense of aesthetic or beauty

My process:

  1. Inspect 
  2. Clean/Repair
  3. Finish (steam, press, polish)